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This series of illustrations was commissioned by METAL in Southend-on-Sea for an innovative project exploring dementia, due to go live in November 2016. The Dementia Project, lead by artist Simon Poulter, and developed by local artist Elsa James, is set in Metal's NetPark, located in Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea. Visitors to the park are invited to borrow digital tablets and wander specific areas of the park that have been installed with wifi hotspots. As the tablets pick up the localised signals, images (seen here) and anecdotal stories by writer Alistair Gentry (working in conjunction with local park-goers who are living with dementia) appear and create a narrative based on both the fragmenting memories of those living with dementia and nearby features of the park, such as a particular tree or garden. All the illustrations employ images gathered in these particular locations in Chalkwell Park.


The Slate Wall

The Sight Screen

Skipping Shadows

Garden of Remembrance

The Cedar Tree

The Dark Bushes

Ghost Tree

The Rose Garden

The Lavender Bushes


The Pond Garden