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Pill Palette

Added on by Joe Magee.

Pill Palette, 2016
Illustration and design by Joe Magee

Image commissioned by Create Gloucestershire
Poster commissioned by Gloucestershire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

This poster has been produced by Gloucestershire NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. It is part of a national 'social prescibing' pilot project.

The image was commissioned by Create Gloucestershire, an arts incubator group, who wanted an image to accompany a piece entitled 'An artist a day keeps the doctor away', a discussion about the relationship between art and health, and how a daily 'dose' of art can help build and sustain a healthy and meaningful life.

The pill packet is so familiar but I've obscured what kind of pills might have been in it - whether simple painkillers or mind-tweaking anti-depressants. Generally, I think the act of poking out a pill from a packet elicits a particular feeling in the user - one of impending relief or a road to wellbeing. The fact that, in this image, the packet contains paints is disconcerting and makes the connection clearly between these feelings described and art. The bright and fun colours subvert what we expect in the normally monotone packaging and contents, adding an edge because its dangerous to consider pills to be fun - but Art can be anything it wants.

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