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JoyN+ October 2016

JoyN+ was conceived by Joe Magee and subsequently funded by Barnwood Trust as a pilot project at a GPs' surgery in Gloucestershire. Working closely with Dursley GP Dr Simon Opher OBE and staff at his surgery, the aim is to help effectively implement 'social prescribing'.

Social prescribing is a way of linking people to groups and activities where they live that they might benefit from. Instead of prescribing medication doctors are prescribing connections to things such as art groups, gardening clubs and book groups. Research has shown that this approach is beneficial to people’s physical and mental wellbeing.

JoyN+ takes the form of a pill packet that can be given to patients by the GP, or taken from the countertop box. Inside are business cards with information about individual local groups.The cards provide both ideas and contact details.

The JoyN+ concept sprung from an arts and health discussion group instigated by Create Gloucestershire.

Barnwood Trust
Create Gloucestershire

JoyN+ © Joe Magee 2016