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8 April 2002
Today I got sacked by The Daily Telegraph newspaper. One of their readers noticed I've been putting braille messages into the images in my new regular slot like "You are too fat", "Thatcher Fucked Us" and "Empty the Whitehall Cesspit". Someone with a double- barrelled name claiming to be the deputy head informed me that I will "never work for Telegraph Newspapers again". He suggested I apologise to the newspaper. I thought this request odd but have resolved to do it next time I visit a newsagent. They are refusing to pay me for the last six images - which is illegal. I might resort to the boring process of legal proceedings. Then again, maybe I'll just create a new web page about it. The Telegraph is 'Britain's biggest selling quality daily' - and also publishes artist's work without paying. Below are a selection of the images.

8 April 2003
It's now exactly a year since I was sacked by The Telegraph, and as yet I haven't been paid. I have, on regular occasion, phoned them to request the money - and sent invoices. No-one has responded or returned my calls.

8 April 2004
Two years later. On threat of legal action to claim my payment, I have received a ham-handed, attempted intimidatory letter from The Telegraph. In it they state that my work is "grossly obscene" "potentially libellous" and has "upset a considerable number of our readers". I'm intrigued as to which ones the publication considers libellous.

8 April 2014
Twelve years later. I'm still smarting from things, and pondering my next move. I won't rest until the entire Telegraph empire is a sad residue of smouldering wreckage.


The braille font set,"Disbraille", was designed and provided by Liverpool designers and font publishers